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Pharma Tactics is an independent full service patents and regulatory consultancy led by Howard Rosenberg. With over 20 years’ diverse experience the company offers its pharmaceutical clients, whether they are branded or generic, API or finished products, solid knowledge and expertise in matters Legal (IP), Regulatory and Product Development. Pharma Tactics’ objective is to seek out the potential for achieving a commercial advantage for your product over the competition.

Pharma Tactics will look for ways to distinguish your product by focussing on researching the Intellectual Property position, the opportunities within Product Development and the utilisation of the best choices for the Regulatory pathway. This integrated and combined strategy is a far better process avoiding the normal and often accepted delays and wasted effort, which tend to occur in a fragmented approach.

Pharma Tactics can also advise as to how a combination of IP, product development and regulatory strategy in the life cycle management of existing pharmaceutical products, brings commercial gains.

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